Tuesday, October 9, 2012


I am going to let you in a secret.......shhh.
When I set a goal or make a commitment to do something that means looking after myself. I invariably begin the course of self sabotage. I think a record has been set here, I last one day, LOL. No excuses, just me being typical of my usual bad habits. Now a little background required here.
* I gave up Coca Cola on April 30th 2012.
* I stopped drinking alcohol shortly after for a 3 month period.
* I stopped eating sugar "Fructose" on the 23rd July 2012
The above three things are my downfall, so going cold turkey on them has been a challenge but totally doable.
Last week one of my kiddos had to have his tonsils out, so I was wee bit lax on the alcohol side, figure a few glasses of sav would make sleeping on a hospital lazy boy easier to bear. Oh, it worked by the way.
Also as soon as he was put under (with me holding his hand) I went to the cafeteria and had a cup of tea and a piece of cake......1st sugar in months, but hey I was a Mum under stress, so I am sure that is ok.
Well the floodgates have not quiet opened, however I have eaten sugar every day since, ggggrrrrr.

So that takes me to yesterday and my supreme effort at self sabotage. I did no exercise. Ate a Wendy's choc top cone, a bowl of ice cream and OMG, a cadbury dairy milk chocolate. The biggest shock came about 10 minutes after I ate the chocolate I got the shakes, LOL....the first ever real sugar high I have had in my entire life, no kidding. You see until 23rd of july, I was 90% sugar and 10% blood in my veins, so never felt a sugar high cause I was powered on sugar. So it came as a bit of a shock and Miss 17, who I was driving home at the time found it quiet amusing.
So there, confession over, I F***** UP. The good news is, today is another day, a new beginning and a few hundred people (who have read this blog) to be accountable to, so thanks for that.
I woke up this morning a new resolve, and grabbed Mr 13, and we hit the pool. I did 1000 metres:
5 x 100 Free
5 x 50   Free
6 x 25   Free
2 x 50   Free
I am not timing myself however I am taking short breaks, 12 breaths between the 100's, 10 between the 50's and 8 between the 25's. And I was in the pool about 40 minutes, I think.
I then took the boys to breakfast, where I was sugar free (yes I am going to get back on that wagon, cause it makes my skin look so good, LOL), and had Bacon, eggs, sausages and toast. Yum.

So there you have it already a slip up, and already back on the wagon, get used to that, I am a bit of a self sabotage recidivist, but you are welcome to kick my virtual butt should you see fit.
Also I have a favor to ask, I want your exercise suggestions please. I am not keen to join a gym, however need to spice things up a bit to bust this funk, so let me know what you think I should try, and I will give "most" things a go. I want to exercise everyday, with one day a week being a cruise day.  So add your ideas here and let the fun begin.


  1. If you want to join a gym, then Curves wins hands down. Pop in and see Denise at Merivale and have a go.

    It's super easy, and the perfect exercise for the time-strapped.

    In 30 minutes you do a circuit, 30 seconds on a machine, 30 seconds doing cardio. Go round 12 machines twice, and stretch and you're done.

    It really is possible to be in and out in 30 minutes.

    The machines are hydraulic, so work as soon as you step on them (no adjusting anything).

    There's no chance to get bored, as the next exercise is only 30 seconds away.

    And because the machines work muscles in both the push and the pull, it's really efficient.

    The machines are arranged in a circle, so usually there's one or two others to chat to as you work out - it's more sociable than normal gyms.

    Best of all - you feel better the next day as all your muscles get a work out.

  2. I despise exercise and pretty much refuse to do anything that could possibly be construed as "working out." However, I love music, and when I listen to stuff I like, I can't really help but get up and dance to it. After a few songs, I'm out of breath, sweaty, and tired. I'm getting exercise!! Who knew?? So, my advice, find something you love to do, danceing, swimming, skiing, biking, whatever, just something that is so much fun you don't realize you're working at it :)
    Oh, and just for the record, When I found myself in a funk, what I did to get myself out of it was start a business. You can read about it on my facebook page, if you're interested. It worked for me :)