Sunday, October 7, 2012

Wakey Wakey

My usual Sunday sleep in was not going to be appropriate on day one of the Alcatraz 2013 Challenge, so I hauled my butt out of bed and went to Pioneer Pool at 9am.
I had scoped out an app yesterday with a programme that is 0-1mile in 6 weeks, strangely called "Swim a Mile" and loaded it onto my Samsung. Checked out day one and though "Yep, may as well have a little guidance."
It was a 700 meter session, however I did:
1 x 50mt Freestyle - Just so i remembered how to swim, it had been a while
4 x 100 mt Freestyle with 12 breath rest between (yes I cheated a little, only so I did not die in a public pool)
4 x 50 mt Freestyle with 10 breath rest
4 x 25 mt Freestyle with 10 breath rest
100 kick board
100 breaststroke
1 x 50 mt freestyle

cool, I swam 1000 metres on my first outing in approx 50 minutes.
Now I must confess here this is the first time I have been in a pool in Christchurch since before the February 2011 earthquake, one of my little quirky things about not wanting to be sloshed around like a dead goldfish should a reasonable shake occur, LOL. Seems I have been missing some seriously chill time in the pool.

We then went on a boat outing on Lyttelton harbour, it was spectacular today and very little swell, sun shining and the whole family on board. Amazing to see the "new" cliffs we have from the water but a super way to spend the afternoon.

I must say I am totally overwhelmed with the support I have received from friends on Facebook and twitter, which is a good thing cause I will now look like a complete dick if I do not get my a into g and  complete my challenge. So keep the support coming as I think I am gunna need as much as I can get. Also if you choose to come along with your own funk buster challenge then share with us here and we can all support each other along, regardless of where you are at fitness and body shape (see my great figures in post #1) so if I can do it so can anyone. Or you can share on twitter by using the hashtag #funkbuster
See you for tomorrows update.

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  1. Holy toledo - I'd be lucky if I could swim 100metres before passing out. Awesome start! And can't wait to see you tomorrow!