Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The traveller returns

I have just had the most funk busting trip to Sydney. A delight to get out of Shakeytown for a few days, and catch up with family and friends. It was my sisters 40th Birthday on Friday and I was determined to spend some time with her. So as a gift I gave her a full day spa package at GILLIAN ADAMS SPA & SALON in Turramurra.
We were there for 7 hours being treated, massaged,  and preened to within an inch of our lives. There was a special hydro oxygen pool that had massage jets and was like a circuit in water, so I classify that as my swim for the day. Steam room, massage, facial, hair, makeup, manicure and pedicure also a fabulous lunch in the sunny courtyard of detox juice, chicken with rosti and asparagus and a glass of Sav. If you ever want to bust a funk this is one sure fire way to turn your worries and cares off for a day and feel like a princess.
The Princess's post princess spa day

Now I did not want to be a totally relaxed and lazy slob for my time in Sydney, so I hauled my butt out of bed on Saturday morning and headed to Warringah Aquatic Centre. It had been almost 30 years since I had been in that pool. My gorgeous niece Emerald was up and about so she was my training partner. It was a stellar workout, I swam 575 mt very disjointed and then had tea parties on the pool bottom, mermaid races and tumble turn competitions. All in all a fun relaxed and not so productive training session. But who cares when you have a smiley face like this and you can share hot chips at 9am in the morning.

Healthy post swim breakfast with Miss Emerald
So all in all a wonderful few days, Yes I ate sugar and I drank wine and I shopped like a warrior  the ultimate in Funk Busting. Amongst my purchases was a "GARMIN SWIM", this is a very handy watch that counts your laps, time and strokes etc. Meaning I can tune my brain to other things while I swim. It also tracks my training lets me set goals and stay on track for Alcatraz, also it was $100 cheaper at Rebel in Sydney then here in NZ. You can also follow my training by CLICKING HERE this is my Garmin Connect site, where my watch logs my training.
You will see that I have been back in the pool and completed 1300m Freestyle this morning, had to do it or was going to head back to bed. My weekend of sugar and relaxation has made me feel a bit like I am walking though mud, so damn tired and achy, LOL. So swim done for the day and longest distance to date. So I am officially back on track.
I will however need to investigate better swim times as there was a aquarobics class and loads of swimmers and 2 lanes :-(. Certainly helped simulate open water conditions when the aquarobics class was doing jumps and stuff, but I am not the quickest yet so makes it hard when you are not fast enough for the fast lane and slow enough for the slow lane, and there is no medium lane.
For those of you reading this in Christchurch, you can also follow my journey in "The Eastern Times" where I will be sharing a weekly column of what in happening in Funk Buster world.
I would also love it if you shared with me what you are doing to bust your funk, and I am also keen to try "Hot Yoga" so if you have given this a go, let me know what it is like.
See ya soon.

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