Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Hi All,
Yep I crashed and burned of the wagon crazy big time. No apologies no excuses......just crashed and burned.
However I really do figure if I don't get my s*** together in a hurry I will be dead before I am 50 and that is not far for anyone, especially me, LOL.
I have signed up (for the 3rd time, with 2 previous drop outs under my belt) for the 20 week challenge and with Cate Grace and her Leap angels I am determined to be a winner in more ways than one. I have joined the tribe at Leap2it and by doing this have 50 others spurring me on and keeping me honest.
Yes one day I will do the Alcatraz swim, just not this year. My goal is somewhat tamer for this 20 week challenge. It is to be able to walk into a shop that is not PLUS SIZE and be able to try on clothes that fit and even......make a purchase.
This may seem a bit lame but given I have not set foot in a shop for larger ladies in, oh about, 16 years this is a real feat for me.
So if you can stand it, jump on board and follow the journey and watch my competitive streak come out........I HOPE, LOL.
Here's to busting that funk.

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  1. Wendy, you are so hard on yourself! Take it slow, baby steps .... just like organizing .. little bit at a time will add up to progress eventually. Sending encouragement your way!