Saturday, October 13, 2012

Checking in

Hey all, not too much exciting happening in my world. I am pleased to announce that I have been excellent in my pursuit of a swim every second day. This morning I upped the distance to 1250 freestyle, with short breaks in between.
1 x 200
6 x 100
6 x 50
6 x 25
Also despite having a few vinos last night I was feeling comfortable in the water and quiet relaxed. The getting our of bed was the trickiest part today.
Yesterday was fairly cruisey with a walk along the beach front in Sumner with Sam and Ben, only 2.4km, but still moving and exercising, which I plan to do at least one physical activity everyday.
I treated myself to a massage with the amazing Rachel Ah Kit at BODYWORKS MASSAGE THERAPY and plan to make this a regular component in my training regime.
As is often the case I have found a potential spanner in the works for my planned challenge. There is a part of me that is keen to run for our local council elections in 2013, I am not yet decided but it is a possibility, and the election is likely to be within 2 weeks of the 28th sept Alcatraz swim. I will however complete the alcatraz swim in 2013, as there are various events throughout the year I will need to look closely at the timing of the events, coinciding with our winter and possible campaigning for election. So watch this space for a finalized swim date in the next few weeks.
Also I have a wetsuit dilemma I hope you or someone you know can help me with. I am planning to hit the open water in the next few weeks, however given I am somewhat larger than most manufacturers believe is the maximum size they can make for a women in wetsuits, I cannot get one that will fit me. I am open to suggestions please, I am not keen on a men's wetsuit as the mammeries get in the kind of squished, and the neck becomes somewhat strangling. So if you have nay ideas of where I can get a wetsuit from please let me know, so I can get that underway. Yes I am working on getting smaller, but hey what came first the chicken or the egg, you know what I mean.
Keep busting your funk and will report back soon.

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