Thursday, October 11, 2012

Thanks Ernest & Paula

A friend of mine, Paula, who i have known virtually for 13 years and met once on the beach in Hawaii posted the coolest story on Facebook this morning. I clicked and read and through. Paula had  introduced me, via facebook post, to the amazing Ernest Gagnon - Cyclist. Now you must read this great news article about this inspirational chap.

After reading this, I was inspired and my pool session was all the sweeter today, know that yep I can do anything I damn well want to. I just need to make it happen, so thank you Paula and Ernest for being inspirational.

Paula herself is also an inspiration to me and you can follow her adventures at LAVAGAL as she trains in Hawaii for triathlons and other events. I love reading about her adventures in the water or pavement pounding or cycling. So this is also thanks to Paula for your inspiration.

So back to funk busters, yep I am doing OK after yesterdays bike ride, not so sore after all, thank goodness. I hit the pool and this is today's session:
6 x 100
6 x 50
6 x 25
1050 metres in total in 34 minutes. I am also beginning to feel comfortable in the water already, which is encouraging.

I am not entirely sure what I will conjure up as my activity for tomorrow, some of the thoughts are:
* Rapaki Track walk
* Bike ride :-( I am told my butt wont hurt as much if I just get on with it.
* Hagley Park walk/jog

So keep an eye out or even throw me a suggestion for tomorrows activity. Also this blog is not just about me, it is about you too. I have had a couple of friends want to follow what I am doing and possibly swim Alcatraz with me, but both mentioned that they did not want to gatecrash or steal my thunder. Well friends my thunder is here to be stolen and my gate is open to be crashed, this is a journey I can only do with support and encouragement from others, I think the more the merrier so hope on board the FUNKBUSTER express and join me.

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  1. Please don't run. Walk fast if you want to get out and about on foot, but running is the one thing that'll screw with your knees & back! Use the Runkeeper app and aim for walking at a speed that makes you puff. Lift your knees and keep your arms pumping to use as much of your body as possible.