Monday, October 15, 2012

Its not always about exercise

Today was the day that I knew was coming, I did not want to go to the pool. It all felt too hard and not going felt like the easy option. I posted this on Twitter/facebook and before I knew it I had my cheer squad cheering me on and I felt the pull.
Yes I took a deep breath and made my way to Pioneer Pool, it was hard today, but you know what I did it. I did it for me and also for my cheer squad, but mostly for me.
Yesterday was a strange day as well. I kind of didn't do any exercise, however I did do something that certainly qualifies as FUNKBUSTING.
You see the weather over the weekend had been pretty hideous, lucky the pool is indoors, so I did my swim on Saturday. However Sunday dawned cold and rainy as well, and the idea of exercise was not at front of mind. I did however have an opportunity to spend a few hours in the company of some of the amazing ALL BLACKS and Sophie Pascoe, while they spent time working with a group of Christchurch kids answering questions, signing autographs, photos and then rugby drills. The session was finished with a game of touch rugby. My son Ben had Kieren Reid in his team, and Ritchie McCaw was the referee.
What an amazing afternoon, the sun came out and all seemed well with the world. Let me tell you a few hours watching kids have fun with their idols is the ultimate way to bust a funk.
So remember busting a funk is about doing stuff that is going to make you feel good about life and yourself, exercise is only one part of the equation. However for me it is also about keeping my eye on the prize, and for me that is swimming in the cold and current riddled waters of San Francisco Bay in 2013. Keep on smiling and go bust your own funk :-)

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