Monday, September 16, 2013

Accountability is key

Hi All,
 I really have been a slack blogger, but hey sometimes life gets in the way. I have learnt a few things about myself lately and am here to share. Hopefully they may help you too. I recently completed the Catch Fitness 20 week challenge, with the amazing Cate Grace as my trainer.

My end results were phenomenal (even if I may say so myself). I lost 12 kg and 123cm overall off my body measurements. Not to mention that I can run 4 km without stopping and cut 2/3 of my Albert tce stair climb, went skiing and have even started biking a bit.

BUT, yes there is a big BUT (as well as a big BUTT)I have fallen off the wagon, I let the end of the 20 week challenge be a line in the sand and began to slip back into my old habits. Why? I hear you ask, well I do not know. I have learnt one thing from the challenge and that is I need to be accountable to be successful.

So here is my plan moving forward, between now and Christmas I plan to shed another 10kg, I will do thins by doing the following:
* Keeping a food diary religiously. I am doing this at
* All workouts will be logged on
* I will do circuit with Leapstar mates 1 x per week.
* I will run 3 x per week * One PT session per week
* Cut out refined sugars and too much gluten. Adopt a "Clean" style of eating and major reduction in processed foods.
* Other days will have at least one activity of physical movement/exertion eg: Swim, bike etc
* engage more with the fabulous crew of Leapstars who supported and motivated me through the 20 weeks challenge.

  I have a few events in mind they are:
* Pegasus 5.5km run
* Marlborough 10km run - 27th October
* Ocean Swim classic, at least one 1 km race this year (when I can fit into a wetsuit :-/)
* Alcatraz is still on the agenda, just may be in 2015???

 So there you have it. If you see me slacking off, feel free to comment and get my butt back on track.